What are the cut types for pants?

Touch of Modern offers many pant apparel options. Our offerings come from brands all over the globe and have different cut types.

While brands may have their slight cut variations on how they fit, below is a general overview of the types of cuts that these pants may have:

Regular Fit - These will have a relaxed fit from the waist all the way down to the leg opening at the bottom. 

Straight Fit - A straight fit will have the width of the pant be the same from your thighs down to the leg opening. This is generally the loosest fit.

Skinny Fit - As the name suggests, this is a tight-fitting cut. It is intended to skin against your skin from the waist down to the leg opening. 

Slim Fit - While similar to a skinny fit in that they are tight-fitting, there is meant to still be some space between your skin and the pant.

Tapered Fit - A tapered fit is generally loose in the waist and butt area, then becoming tighter-fitting from the knee down.

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