What if I found a better price?

We do extensive research to provide the best possible price for the duration of each event. If you happen upon a better price while the event from which you purchased is still live, please follow these instructions to request a price match refund:

         - To request a price match refund, copy and paste the retailer link to the lower priced item as well as a detailed description (i.e. model number, color) and email us here.
         - Customer Service will respond with an acknowledgment of your request.  Once verified, we will refund the difference within 5-7 business days.
         - Valid only while item is available for sale on Touch of Modern. 
         - Valid for current online retailer listings only. Must have inventory available for purchase.
         - Our price guarantee does not extend to clearance, returns, discontinued and close-out items. Other              restrictions may apply including cases when manufacturer's pricing policies negate a price match.
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