My new watch isn't keeping accurate time

Contrary to popular belief, automatic watches still have to be wound manually by hand. The automatic system only keeps the watch running. It won't start it from scratch. If you don't fully wind it, putting it on a winder only takes it from zero to whatever power reserve is left in the movement. It doesn't go from zero to 100 percent. It normally takes around 30 - 40 winds by hand, depending on the brand and model, for it to reach full power.

If a watch has not been fully wound prior to wearing, this might explain the inaccurate time keeping you may be experiencing.

Please try rotating the crown clockwise, ~40 times, and leaving the watch stationary for at least 24 hours. If the timekeeping is inaccurate within the first 2 hours, please submit a request to support to arrange a return for inspection for you.

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